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It's no exaggeration to say that Romain broke the boundaries of music with his unique style. Whether you attended one of his many concerts, or listened to one of his songs, you know why his virtuosity and musical versatility are recognized.

Romain ALARY is a Normand saxophonist who features on the national and international scene alongside of

 ASM (A State Of Mind), as well as Recycle, Solar System, groups of a certain notoriety who know how to seduce their public beyond the borders! 


This energetic artist also rubs shoulders with emblematic places such as the Alcazar Mezzanine or the Blue Cargo, combining musical collaborations and dynamic projects. Romain ALARY is a saxophonist who plays alongside outstanding musicians, as well as with DJs with House, Deep House, Funk or Latino influences. This copper-toned musician knows how to adapt in all circumstances while bringing his own musical touch, always more  explosive!

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